Covid 19 Update: Face masks are required throughout your time inside and during your pet's appointment.

Dr. Bethe Deppe

Dr. Beth Deppe has been a dedicated full-time veterinarian at Morganside Veterinary Clinic for over 18 years. She is one of the rare vets who found the perfect fit of a practice right out of veterinary school (UW Madison, 2002) and has never left! Dr. Beth has prospered richly from the ever-challenging casework, the beloved [...]

Dr. Jeff Korte

Dr. Jeff Korte grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin where at a very young age he knew he wanted to become a veterinarian. He completed his undergraduate and veterinary training at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he was on the Deans High Honor Roll for eight consecutive semesters. He graduated in the charter class of [...]

Dr. Marla Lind

Dr. Marla Lind, DVM joined Morganside Veterinary Clinic in 2017. When she was 8 she decided she wanted to be a veterinarian. She graduated from Iowa State University and is currently a member of both the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Marla’s attention to detail is a great asset [...]

Dr. Nathan Monson

Dr. Nathan Monson D.V.M., visited his uncle (who is a veterinarian) when he was three years old. After he came home, he began telling everyone he was going to be a veterinarian when he grew up. Although Dr. Monson is not sure if he has fully grown up, three-year-old Nathan would be proud and not [...]

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