Dr. Beth Deppe has been a dedicated full-time veterinarian at Morganside Veterinary Clinic for over 18 years. She is one of the rare vets who found the perfect fit of a practice right out of veterinary school (UW Madison, 2002) and has never left!

Dr. Beth has prospered richly from the ever-challenging casework, the beloved pets and clients, and the success of Morganside. Though she loves studying and learning, she has found that one day of medicine cases in a clinic is vastly more gratifying and educational than a full week of lectures.

Dr. Beth enjoys hiking and playing outdoors with her pack of 3 small dogs and 3 cats, cultivating numerous plants, playing scrabble, sudoku, and reading French novels. She hopes to travel to France, as she has been passionate about the language since childhood.

Some other aspirations that Dr. Beth envisions are:

  • Learning and mastering ultrasound to augment her diagnostic repertoire. Diagnosing is what makes her tick!
  • Editing/writing for a scientific journal. She comes from an arts & letters family.
  • Retiring (or not!) to a WARM climate where she can go barefoot, wear shorts and swim, for more than 3 months of the year!