Browyn joined the Morganside team in the summer of 2019 as one of the first students in Madison College’s new Veterinary Technician Hybrid program. She has had the wonderous opportunity to learn in school and work alongside technicians with years of experience, building confidence and practical skills, while creating a lasting relationship with a clinic team that promotes teamwork and shared learning. Browyn graduated with her vet tech degree in December of 2020 and is excited to continue learning and growing with the Morganside family.

Browyn has a Redfoot Tortoise and 3 cats, each with their own quirky personalities. She loves animals in general and has a special spot in her heart for the herding dog breeds. Browyn plans to pursue additional education in animal behavior and training. “It’s just so interesting” she says, “how much a bit of training and a deeper knowledge about the habits and drives of certain breeds can really benefit both the pet and the owner. They learn to understand each other better, and that’s a really cool thing to see.”